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  As a concrete manifestation of the company's participation in the greening process and preservation of rare plants, PT. Solo Murni contributed a bodhi tree to Indrokilo Boyolali Botanical Garden. Symbolic submission of bodhi tree was carried out on Friday, 2 February 2018 at Indrokilo Botanical Garden Office.

Rosmalia Evi as the representative of the company said "We from PT. Solo Murni donate two bodhi trees to Indrokilo Botanical Garden. Hopefully it can be part of the collection and attractiveness to visitors as well as for greening the area of the Botanical Garden."

Indrokilo Botanical Garden Administrator highly appreciates the cooperation of PT. Solo Murni in the greening program with donate Bodhi trees. Bodhi trees are include in the category of rare plant. The tree with the Latin name ficus religiosa is known in Buddhism as the place where The Buddha Gautama meditated and attained enlightenment. This tree is considered sacred by disciple of Hinduism, Buddhism. It can be education attractiveness to visitors as well as its function in greening program.