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  By doing continuous innovation in this digital era, Kiky successfully achieve Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award (IDPBA) 2018. In the future, Kiky commits to keep innovating by launching the digital version of 3D exercise book.

PT Solo Murni keeps doing the best to provide customers’ needs and excellent service through digital innovation. The effort seems to get positive feedback from the public. Through one of its exercise book products, Kiky, the brand becomes one of the most popular and most trending product. It successfully brings Kiky to achieve the Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award (IDPBA) 2018 held in Shangri-La, Jakarta on Wednesday (10/11/2018).

Due to the result she made, Endang Tri K Sukarso, the HR Director of PT Solo Murni expresses her gratitude since the brand becomes one of the most trending product in this digital era.

"It's amazing for Kiky since it is one of the most prestigious award and it also becomes a way to promote the brand. So we can always exist among other products in Indonesia. We have 3 products namely local product, custom, and export so it is such an honor that we can maintain Kiky's existence in the future," she said to Infobrand.id

Meanwhile, Kiky will continue to present the latest breakthroughs following the trend. As we planned, Kiky will soon present attractive products which is the digital 3D exercise book. Previously, PT Solo Murni has presented its digital innovation by launching smartcard with e-money and credit cards.

"It is millennial era. So we have to follow the trend and particularly the human resources. Therefore, we set it off from exercise book then we transform into digital, and in the future we are planning not to use paper but a digital form instead which is smartcard. Smartcards are those used for credit cards and e-money. That's what on our mind and another idea is the digital book in which the cover and sheets are 3D," she said.