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  On national children day (harianaknasional), Monday 23 july 2018, Saint John Meruya School, Jakarta held a media literation week. The topic is Digital Savvy Using Social Media, from 23 July to 27 July 2018, there were so many events for students from kindergarten to senior high school and also for the parents. Saint john school meruya, along with AkademiTelevisi Indonesia (ATVI) realized the importance of persuading children and parents to respond technology advances and social media wisely.

1. Using gadget wisely

Paulus Pontoh from Saint John's school explained, " the main purpose of this event is to make children wiser in using gadgets, and also to raise children awareness to read books and to make reading books habit as a fun thing" The use of gadgets on children in their school age, and even in their early age , can be an addiction and it's already became a public problem in this millennial generation, explained Paulus. Edward Depari as ATVI director in a seminar on Tuesday, 24 July 2018, stated about how important it is for parents to have a quality time for children.

2. Double sided knife

Media literation Saint John school Jakarta, "To be a parent for millennial generation children is more difficult, but it is very important to lead children so they can take the profit from gadget and social media", said Edward. "Social media nowadays is like double sided knife that can be useful, but also can be harmful for the user", he added. Through this seminar, hopefully parents and teachers together can prepare children to be wiser in using gadget and social media.