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  Writing on paper is very useful. It has many good things that typing on a computer or tablet doesn’t have. Here are some of them:

- Helps Remembering Better: When we write by hand, we remember things better. Our brains understand and remember information better when we write it by hand instead of typing it.

- Makes Us More Creative: When we write on paper, we often draw or make little sketches. This helps us think creatively and understand things better.

- Helps Us Focus: Writing on paper helps us concentrate better because we don’t get distracted by technology or social media.

- Makes Us Feel Connected: Writing on paper makes us feel more connected to what we write. We feel the paper and the pen or pencil in our hand, which makes it more personal.

- Helps Us Remember Things Quickly: Writing on paper helps us improve our handwriting. Good handwriting is important for writing quickly and understanding things better.

  Even though typing is faster and easier to change, writing on paper is still very helpful. It helps us think better and feel things more deeply.